Billy Burger

March 31, 2019

Billy Burger


Nothin’ better than quick simple grilled burgers.




Prepare the burger meat by placing into a large mixing bowl; knead thoroughly.  Grab a hunk and form a loosely made round patty; don’t make the patty too firm and perfect like some commercial grade frozen variety.  Apply Billy Twang Old No. 3 Rub, Big Rub, or Punch Rub to the burgers, dealers’ choice.  A-ok to let the burger patties sit at room temperature while the fire gets going.

Melt unsalted butter for basting.



Go build a big ol’ smokin’ hot fire, shoot for about 350 degrees.  Red and ashy -- Ready for cookin’!  Add wood chunks for more smoke.



Billy places the burger patties on the pit for indirect heat.  Bathe in smoke for about ten minutes, flip once.

Time to sear!  Move the burgers directly over the hot coals and flames, flip frequently.  Depending on the thickness of the burger patties, this process is a quick few minutes. Flipping provides the critical feedback required to determine doneness.  “Bouncy and rubbery means rare; more firm means more cooked.”  Finish the burgers by basting with butter.

Remove burgers from the pit slightly under cooked relative to your likin’, because the meat continues cookin’ even at rest.  Let the burger patties rest for a few minutes; this allows the juices will return to the center. 

Toast a buttery bun, add some favorite fixins’, and chomp vigorously.


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