Billy’s Unfailing Chicken Breast

August 01, 2018

Billy’s Unfailing Chicken Breast


Billy Twang, like most great American backyard cooks, struggles with grilling chicken breast; mighty hard to keep moist, but no more.  Try this unfailing fire-cookin’ method for tasty plump chicken breast.





The chicken prep is important; use healthy sized chicken breast, trim vigorously (think aerodynamic) and remove any fat and veins.  Pound to about 1/4 inch thickness. Apply one of Billy’s rubs: Old No. 3 Rub, Big Rub, and Punch Rub; these quality rubs provide distinctive flavor.



Go build a big ol’ smokin’ hot fire, shoot for 350 degrees. Red and ashy – Ready for cookin’!  Add wood chunks to ramp up the smoke.



Billy’s secret to unfailing chicken breast is to avoid direct heat and flames, so perch the chicken in a smoking position.  Baste with melted butter.  The cook time is only about 20 minutes.  Billy might flip the chicken breast once just to feel useful.


Easy, right.  Now go on, get cookin’!

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