Steak Au Poivre

April 17, 2020

Steak Au Poivre



4 beef filet mignon steaks

2 tablespoons of unsalted butter

1 Old No. 3 Rub


4 tablespoons of unsalted butter

2 shallots – minced

1/2 cup of Beef stock

1/4 cup of cognac

Best to have Billy Twang fire cookin’ goods handy: like the Grand Prize Pit, Lump Mesquite Charcoal, Igniter Fuel, Shaker, and Spatula.

Get going and build a big ol’ smokin’ hot fire; shoot for about 400 degrees.

Meanwhile back at the kitchen, fetch the steaks from the refrigerator and melt some unsalted butter – pour on the steaks; this is the slather, helps the Old No. 3 Rub stick, apply using Billy’s Shaker – the coverage is solid not thick.

The fire is red and ashy – right?  Good idea to add a few wood chunks for more smoke.  Place the steaks over indirect heat for a good infusion of smoke; about ten minutes in this position, flip once.

Ready for searin’, move the steaks directly over the hot coals.  This is time for vigilance. Don’t focus too much on the grilling time, because every fire is different, instead, focus on the texture of the steaks for doneness: “Bouncy and rubbery means rare and more firm means more cooked”. Flip often for critical feedback; flipping helps cook steaks evenly too. Billy Twang only closes the lid of the Grand Prize Pit to take an occasional sip of beverage.

Remove the steaks from the pit a little under cooked relative to your likin’, because steaks continue cookin’ internally.  A resting period of a few minutes allows the steaks juices to return to the center of the cut.

Billy Twang makes the classic French pepper and cognac-spiked Steak Au Poivre sauce like this: “Start by melting two (2) tablespoons of butter in a sauce pan and sauté the minced shallots until translucent.  Add one-half cup of beef stock and reduce by one-half. Add cognac and reduce for two (2) minutes. Strain to remove the shallots and return the liquid to the sauce pan.

Once the steaks are rested and ready to serve, make final prep to the sauce by whisking in two (2) tablespoons of unsalted butter and the natural juices from the steaks -- voila, the sauce is ready!

Steak Au Poivre is delicious, true savory pepper goodness!

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