Company History | Billy Twang

To understand the story of Billy Twang®, know that the lines blur between reality and fiction.

A Fiery Tale. Billy Twang, born in West Texas, is an all-American boy. On the occasion of a Fourth of July fireworks celebration gone bad; been told the leg of a rocket gizmo melted upon liftoff and instead of heading to the heavens went straight for Billy Twang’s mother. Weren’t too long after that frightful event, Billy came kickin’ and hollering.

“How did all-American Billy Twang go from the dusty plains of West Texas to becoming a purveyor of an essential collection of fire-cookin’ goods?”

Might ought to start with Billy’s love of fire. A youthful fascination of sorts, not full-blown pyromania. Billy simply found joy in watching tumbleweeds burn.

The journey leaps forward a generous few years. The wide-open expanse of West Texas unlocks a creative passion inside Billy Twang. A wise man once said: “You make your own fun.” Indeed, ask Billy Twang about True North. Billy Twang and gang found a lone remote mesquite tree on some vacant land, well, just north of town. Think of True North being like a desert oasis. This little spot was special, in due course boys became men.

A party at True North went like this: “Circled wagons (cars), headlights on, tuned radios, lit dirt dance floor.” Ever now and again, Billy Twang drug along a $20.00 kettle grill to fire-cook some steaks. Don’t remember the outcome of those early fire-cookin’ attempts, but the stars those nights were big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.

Not such a surprise that Billy Twang’s love of fire and food lead to countless backyard cookouts over the years. From the experience of building fires and cookin’ meat, Billy Twang is a real deal, genuine, self-taught fire-cook.

Billy Twang, being a discerning fellow, believes that if good food matters, the means to the end matter too. Billy Twang, always tinkerin’ with different fuels and tools, stumbled upon lump charcoal. Love at first sight and bite, adios briquettes. Hmm, the lack of lump charcoal availability is a business opportunity. Billy’s research began, the how to, wherefrom, and such.

Billy Twang’s original company “Cow Creek Supply Co.” (Est. 1992) sold lump mesquite charcoal to grocery stores in Texas and New Mexico under the brand name “Mesquite Lightning”. Along the way, Billy Twang found success in providing commercial grade lump mesquite charcoal through Sysco Food Service; the Pappas Restaurants being the elephant in the room.

The winds began shifting in 2012, Billy Twang yearned for more, desirous of expanding the product line to barbeque pits, tools, rubs, and sauces – authentic fire-cookin’ goods extraordinaire.

What’s in a name? Well, a boy born and raised in West Texas could not help but have a lil’ twang; being reminded of the “southern accent”, after a good chuckle, the word TwangBilly came to mind. 

Don’t rightly know, which came first TwangBilly or BillyTwang -- y’all decide. Anyhow, birthright privileges were henceforth claimed. Billy Twang is the quintessential southern gentlemen and fire-cook, and a purveyor of finely-made fire-cookin’ goods.