Our Story

Humble Beginnings:  A Slightly Obsessive Passion

Billy Twang® was founded by Joseph (“Jay”) Stewart Martin, Jr., the quintessential southern gentlemen and fire-cook.  The company started in earnest in 1992, based in Houston, Texas – For the love of fire-cookin’.

The story begins deep in the heart of West Texas.  A youthful fascination with fire fueled Jay’s passionate interest in fire-cookin’; been building fires and cookin’ meat to the delight of family and friends for a bunch of years.

Billy Twang?  Well, a young man born and raised in Texas cannot help but speak with a lil’ twang; thus affectionately known as a "Twang Billy".  One thing lead to another and the nickname stuck -- "Billy Twang."

The love of fire-cookin’ got Billy Twang thinking about flavors, tools, and choice of fuel.  In 1992, Billy Twang got into lump mesquite charcoal business.  Those many years of backyard barbeques eventfully led to the creation of Billy’s own barbeque tools, accessories, and of course, dry rubs.  All of Billy’s rubs were homemade in small batches for family, friends, and neighbors, but didn’t take long before that small circle grew. "Love at first bite", says Billy.

Jay Martin
little billy
Authentic, American-made fire-cookin’ imparts smoky richness and complexity that cannot be replicated by turning a knob and cookin’ with the same fuel source burnt by your truck.  Now that’s something to ponder. -Billy

The Barbeque Life

Today, nearly 30 years later, Billy Twang® is a highly regarded specialty manufacturer of Texas-style dry rubs.  Very proud Texas roots, from the humble beginnings in a little kitchen in Houston, Texas to a loyal following of die-hard fans and followers across the USA.

Helping countless good folks learn the art and craft of great barbeque, Billy believes fire-cookin’ is a true and worthy endeavor. Billy’s rubs are made not just for the serious barbeque pit master, but for anyone with an interest in eating good.  Welcome to the thrill of adventurous backyard cookouts.

Life's too short to settle for plain-jane barbeque stuff. — Billy
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