Testimonials | Billy Twang

Billy Twang® was established in the heart of Houston, TX in 1992, and over the years we’ve made many friends.  We want to keep them all, and add many more.  Here are some recent Billy Twang® customer testimonials.



Once I tried Billy Twang Old No. 3 Rub, I knew I was hooked on all things Billy Twang. The branding, labeling, packaging, and the products themselves were so unique and of such high quality, I wanted (and still want) everything Billy Twang Mercantile brings to market. I own all of Billy Twang Mercantile’s fire-cookin’ goods, and I mean everything – all the tools, the gloves, the bag, and the Grand Prize Pit (Model One).

I have gone through numerous jars of Old No. 3 Rub. I use Old No. 3 Rub to season nearly everything including soups, salads, and vegetables, as well as meats. It's that delicious.

One evening, I grilled a beautiful 5 lbs. beef tenderloin, seasoned, of course, with Old No. 3. My guests, still to this day, almost a year later, say that was the best tasting steak they have ever tasted. That's how I feel when I grill using Billy Twang products -- the best tasting results!


Billy Twang Mercantile products are one of a kind and really help push my barbeque over to top with flavor for happy friends and family. One of my favorites, that I would recommend to anyone, is the Old No. 3 Rub.  I have used Old No. 3 Rub on steak, burgers, and chicken with awesome results; I dare say the best ever!

The Elvis Shaker comes in handy too, making Old No. 3 really easy to use and store.  For my fire, the Billy Twang Lump Mesquite Charcoal and Igniter Fuel are the perfect combo for a clean burning pit and enhanced flavor for any meat.  Next up, I’ll be checking out some of the good-looking barbeque tools made by Billy.


I've been using Old No. 3 Rub for the last two years and absolutely love it. I use it on more than meat, and in fact think its application as a seasoning for sautéing vegetables is key. It adds the best flavor to omelets too. When I run out of it I'm lost in the kitchen!

I’m a fan of the whole Billy Twang Mercantile concept -- the brand and marketing is impressive but the products speak for itself. And coming from a girl who's loved to cook all her life, that's saying a lot! If you haven't tried it, you don't know what good food can taste like!!

A fan forever.


Old No. 3 is a staple around the Street kitchen.  The combination of ingredients play beautifully with all that is served.  My friends love Old No. 3 Rub and simply cannot get enough.



Being born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast, I know all about salty, hot, humid air.  That being said, you can only imagine what that does to most barbeque pits and I have owned countless over the course of my life.

The Billy Twang Mercantile Grand Prize Pit Model One is pure stainless steel; this is a great barbeque pit, far exceeding all other pits I have owned.  The stainless steel design is worry free and holds up to Mother Nature remarkably.

I smoke briskets for family gatherings and I can attest that the Grand Prize Pit maintains the cooking heat at an even temperate throughout your day of cooking. The multi-rack design allows for small or large cookouts; easy clean-up too.  Another notable feature is the pits ability to raise and lower the charcoal grate which allows for many varieties of meat to be perfectly cooked.

The Grand Prize Pit is finely-crafted, like no other -- cooking, appearance, and longevity.  I honestly believe my pit will get passed down through generations of our family.  I have come to relay on Billy Twang Mercantile for all my barbeque and grilling needs; the entire product line is high quality; the kind of stuff all true pit masters look for.