Craft Ash Shovel

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The Billy Twang® Ash Shovel is an American-made hand-forged work of art; this fine-lookin’ tool makes short work of ridding the pit of cookin’ debris and useful for scrapping the grates too. The Billy Twang® Ash Shovel is a substantial purpose-driven implement; reminiscent of a vintage find.

"Made like no other." —Billy

The last step is the application of a deep dark black proprietary coating that protects the raw iron tools from rust; makes the fire cookin’ tools more durable, easier to clean and maintain. The Billy Twang® Mercantile Fire Cookin’ Tools are true heritage-inspired designs; made like no other, striking, and timeless.

The Billy Twang® Mercantile Fire Cookin’ Tools are simply the finest handmade, heirloom-quality barbeque implements available. The time-intensive process begins with hand-crafting a cast for the solid one-piece construction; apply heat, forge and shape.

Material: Iron
Dimensions: 18” in length
Made in USA


    Billy Twang® seasoned to perfection!
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