Lump Mesquite Charcoal

Surest way to improve the quality of your cookout is to stop wastin’ your hard-earned folding money on plain-Jane briquette charcoal. Instead use Billy Twang® Lump Mesquite Charcoal!  Unequivocally the best charcoal money can buy.

Billy Twang® Lump Mesquite Charcoal is simply the pure carbon residue of cooked mesquite wood. It is 100% natural, with none of the petroleum additives or filler material found in briquette charcoal. In the pit, Billy Twang® Lump Mesquite Charcoal burns slowly and aromatically, producing a powerful heat and sweet/southern flavor.

The use of our American-made Billy Twang® Lump Mesquite Charcoal may be addictive—so ol’ Billy will keep stokin’ the kilns back at the ranch.

Contents: Natural Lump Mesquite Charcoal
Weight: 6.6 lbs.
Made in America

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