Smoke Meat Like Billy

September 13, 2020

Smoke Meat Like Billy

There's nothing quite like the taste of a tender piece of meat that has been smoking all day. Break out your grill & roll up your sleeves because Billy is going to teach you how to smoke a pork roast. With the right tools and good instruction, it's quite simple. So go on and give it a try.





  • Taylor Tong
  • (1) Small Disposable Aluminum Pan
  • (1) Medium-Large Disposable Aluminum Pan
  • Grilling Wood Chips



Grab your meat and discard the packaging. Rinse the meat off with cold water. Set your meat on a clean plate. Take a knife and puncture deep holes every few inches on the surface of the meat. Grab your Big Rub, using your finger to open the holes you made in the meat, pour the dry rub into the holes and on the surface of the meat until completely covered. The holes you made in the meat will allow the flavor to sink in! Transfer the meat to a disposable aluminum pan. Set your meat on the counter covered while you prepare the fire.


When it comes to smoking a slab of meat, Billy recommends taking it real slow like. If you’re using a charcoal grill, get the fire nice and hot like. Once the coals are starting to die down, add some water-soaked wood chips to help create smoke, and a pan of water in the middle of the coals to keep your meat hydrated. Voila! You’ve got yourself your own little smoking machine. Down forget to add a piece of charcoal every now and then to keep the fire hot. Keep a check on the aluminum pan with water and add more as it dehydrates.



Once the grill is right, set the aluminum pan holding the meat on top of the grill grate. Close off the top vent of the grill to contain the smoke. You'll want to keep the bottom vent open to keep oxygen flowing and the dwindled fire alive.

To smoke meat like Billy, you'll want to plan on allowing your meat to smoke 1.5 hours for every pound of meat. If you want to smoke your meat faster, you can cut the meat in half. You'll want the grill to be at around 225-250° Fahrenheit. Grab a cold one, head out back and gather the family round for a nice afternoon of fellowship while dinner is smokin'.

Grab your Taylor Tong to help man-handle the meat. About 30-45 minutes before you're ready to take the meat out, lather the meat up using your favorite barbecue sauce. Repeat this step as you're about to take the meat off. Serve with a glass of sweet tea, mac & cheese, and grilled corn for the ultimate experience!

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